Are you interested in having this quintuplet of auditory inclined crackers come make some noise at your next party/ event? Well, guess what? Chances are we’re available! and it’s fairly easy to take that next step.

We often play home shows, birthday parties, community events and the like. And oftentimes, if we don’t have to lug our audio Equipment, we only request some food and drink as fair pay. If you’ve got this kind of event coming up, take a look at our “Tour Rider” :

Hang Dog Expression (herein known henceforth as “the fellahs” will fulfill it’s obligation to arrive in a timely manner and proceed to play our living guts out for as long as possible to the amassment of people gathered at the predetermined time. The Doods put NO onus on the minimum or maximum amount of attendees, and probably wouldn’t pay much attention to them anyway.

The Fellahs (herein and henceforth know in this document as “auditory Ipecac dispensers” or “AID” for short) agree to short breaks and a clean attitude, and make some small allowances for occasional spillages and foul language, including the rare dirty joke, provided the attendees are of an appropriate age.

The below conditions only are applicable to SHOWS WHICH DO NOT INCLUDE BRINGING OUR AUDIO EQUIPMENT (herein and henceforth knows as “The P.A.”.) It’s an unfortunate truth that, if we have to lug our gear, we need to come home with some gas money. The actual amounts (of equipment and dough) are negotiable, so please have your people talk to our people first.

In return, the event host (herein and henceforth known as “the Rube”) agree to hold to the following requirements.

1: A roof. In lieu of a roof, we will accept a sunny day and/or starry night. Wheel barrow fires are approved as well if the evening weather is inclement.

2: Beer. We hold no specific requirement on brand, but do ask you follow the same advice that Grandpa Hangdog gave us: “don’t drink beer in a green bottle. Nor a clear one neither”. We have found this to be sage advice and are no Oat Soda Slouches. Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Widmer etc. A six pack per attending member unit (herein reffered to as “A Dog Beer”) is the suggested amount.

3: Sandwiches. If the show is scheduled to begin anytime between 3pm and 7pm, Sandwiches (herein referred to as “sammiches”) should be provided. We love us some sammiches. If the event is slated for a time later than 7pm, we like chips. (Honestly though, you should be providing everyone with some chips, that just what good hosts do…)

If all requirements are approved beforehand and if the scheduled time and date are booked accordingly, the AID (herein and henceforth know in this document as “Hang Dog Expression”) agree to play for you hours of songs about moonshiners, heartbreak, and the wondrous beauty of the internal mind. We agree to attempt to harmonize and bring that adorable mandolin player (herein known as “Robbie”) and to toast you in a most high order, as the benefactor and patron of something that we find necessary and useful to everyone’s life: (Herein known as “a good time” AKA “the joke we ran into the ground”).

If this is found agreeable, then please contact us to set up a show!